Planet Security understands the purpose of employee benefits is to increase the economic security of our employees, and in doing so, improve employee retention and employee satisfaction across the organization. We continually strive to provide an unbeatable benefits package for our valued employees.

Below is a summary of Planet Security's current benefits.

Paid Time Off

5 weeks of PTO

Paid training days

10  paid federal holidays

Buy back option

Health Insurance

Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription Drug.  See Health Care Plan for more details.

(HMO, PPO, HSA with funded deductible)

Company pays 85% of premium for health insurance

Company pays premium for dental, and vision insurance

Life Insurance

Company pays premium for 1x salary up to $200,000 coverage (100,000 guaranteed)

Disability Insurance

Company pays premium for short term and long term insurance


Company contributes up to 10% of the employee salary (immediately vested). The company matches employee contributions up to 6% and gifts 4% through a discretionary profit sharing plan. Thereafter, the employee may participate up to the IRS maximum.

Traditional and Roth 401k options available

Eligible employees may elect to contribute an additional catch-up contribution up to the IRS maximum

Financial Perks

Annual end of year bonus (company discretionary)

Base compensation increases

Overtime (hours over for the standard for a pay period) paid out at a 50% premium

On-the-Spot Awards

Cash incentive per employee for exceptional service leading to superior customer service.  Up to $1000 Maximum Cash Incentive.

Employee Referral Program

Referral Bonuses for billable employee hires up to $20,000 (provided on a quarterly installment plan starting 90 days after new hire start date).

Educational Assistance

Up to $5,250 per year for successful completion of college courses.  Payable upon successful completion with a B or higher.  Must be agreed to in writing prior to starting course.

Training Assistance

No yearly limit on training reimbursement but must be agreed to in writing prior to starting course or conference.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Two types of Flexible Spending Accounts:  Healthcare & Dependent Care.

Computer Reimbursement

$1,500 toward the purchase of a new computer every 3 years (available after 6 months)